Frequently Asked Questions From Parents

About The Child Care Assistance Program (CCAP)

Q: How can I get an application for Child Care Assistance?

A: The application is available:

  • Download a Child Care Application
  • By FAX: (800) 362-7257, option 1. Please be sure to include your name, fax number and telephone number
  • By Mail: Call (800) 362-7257 option 1. Allow 3-5 days for delivery. Please be sure to include your name, address and telephone number
  • In Person: During office hours, forms are available to walk-in clients at the service counter
  • At Local Agencies: Local DHS agencies, supporting human service agencies, or participating child care providers, often will have copies of the Child Care Application available at request

Q: What are two current check stubs?

A: The two check stubs should be the last two that the applicant received from their current employment. They can be no older than 30 days prior to receipt of the paperwork unless the parent is paid on a monthly basis. The two check stubs should show the applicant is paid the same number of hours as the work schedule submitted.

Q: What if I just started a job and do NOT have two current check stubs?

A: When starting a new job, applicants can get a letter from the employer that includes the following:

  • The letter must be on the employer’s letterhead stationary
  • State the name of the client
  • State the rate of pay to be received
  • State the total number of hours to be worked per week
  • State the employee’s work schedule with days and hours to be worked
  • Signed by an official representative of the employer, and include their name, title and phone number for verification
  • Include the employer’s FEIN or Social Security Number

REMINDER: If a letter is submitted for new employment, the case will need to be re-evaluated after a three month eligibility period.

Q: If I have a change in my situation (job change, marriage, child care arrangement, etc), can I wait until redetermination to report it?

A: No. You should notify us right away in order to avoid a disruption in your care.

Q: Who gets the copay when I have two providers?

A: The provider receiving the largest reimbursement.

Q: What is RPY?

A: Representative Payee – a person (not the parent or step-parent) receiving a cash (TANF) grant on behalf of the child(ren). An applicant who receives TANF on behalf of the children in care may be exempt from the income guidelines and paying a co-payment.