PITC, Module 3: Learning and Development


Apr 13 8:30 am - 5:00 pm

Module 3 begins by focusing on the critical issues of brain development and identity formation.  Participants focus on the four “courses” of infancy:  Physical Development 101, Social Relations 101, Language Development 101, and Intellectual Development 101.  Participants are introduced to the concept of infants as self-motivated learners.  All children are born wired for feelings and ready to learn in the context of caring relationships and a peaceful but engaging environment.  Three strategies that caregivers can use to support infant learning will be discussed:  adapt, support practice and repetition, and expand learning.

Location:  Rend Lake MarketPlace, Mt. Vernon

Trainer:  Jamie Nichols, Infant Toddler Child Care Specialist

Hours:  8.0                  Cost:   FREE