Art for Art’s Sake


Feb 27 6:00 pm

Art allows children to express their creativity, solve problems, enhance fine motor skills, and so much more.  Art activities for young children should strive to be process-oriented art, meaning that the process involved in creating the piece of art is more valuable than the outcome or product.  A piece of artwork that is considered “process art” will not look like another child’s art or even look like you think it should.  Creating process art allows children to explore and have a greater sense of ownership over their art because it is all their own work.  Process art is wonderful for supporting the development of self-control and self-regulation when children are focusing, making choices, taking risks and feeling successful.  This workshop will talk about process art and ways to incorporate it into your classroom.

Location:  Kiddie Kollege, 2226 Mt. Vernon Rd, Fairfield

Trainer:  Ashley Baldridge, Consultant

Hours:  2.0                                   Cost:  Free